July 25th - July 30th


The boosters assist Mr. Emerson with managing and supporting band camp logistics. We recruit volunteers throughout the week to help make camp run smoothly. This might include chaperoning, providing water for marchers, and assisting with lunch and dinner clean up.



$85 includes the cost of the Black Polo shirt needed by all band participants. All payments are due by June 30, 2021. Payments after June 30, 2021 will result in a $20 late fee.

Holt Band Boosters is organized as a 501(c3) under the name of HHS Band Boosters, Inc. 

Please contact your tax advisor for confirmation for your individual situation.

More Information

For information about shirts, shoes, and other specific information about this year’s Band Camp, please see Mr. Emerson’s Band Camp Handbook and FAQ documents.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the upcoming events for High School band?

To Be Announced: Uniform Fittings, Uniform room at Holt High School (Down hall from band room) June 1: Freshman Drills, 6-7 PM, HS South Parking lot (By football field) June 3: Freshman Drills, 6-7 PM (Through summer, there could be sectionals that upperclassmen run) July 21 and 22 Precamp rehearsals- 2-4 PM, South Parking Lot July 25- July 30 Band Camp, Holt High School

How do uniform fittings work for Marching Band?

Students and parents need to come to the Uniform Room at Holt HS. The uniform room is located outside the band room, down the hall to the east. All incoming 9th graders come in once and once only. You’ll be fitted for the formal marching uniform (which stays in the room), and the band polo.

What are the costs for uniform?

Band polo is $30. This year, they are included with camp cost. Band shoes (required) are $40. These are paid for at uniform fittings. Kids are FITTED during band camp, and the shoes arrive before the 1 st football game. Get your students name in those shoes.

Why should I put my students name in his or her shoes?

Everyone has the same shoe. Everyone. If your student forgets them, they are likely lost forever without a name in them. Protect your $40 and get the kids’ name in the shoes.

What are “freshmen Drills” and when are they?

Freshman Drills are the first introduction to marching for the 8th grade. At drills, it’s only the freshmen (next year, your students), and the seniors. This year, Freshmen Drills are Tuesday June 1 and Thursday June 3, 6-7 PM, in the south High School Parking Lot.

What is the cost of band camp?

This year, Band Camp costs $85.00. It’s easiest if this is collected by the end of the school year. Money goes to staff, supplies for party/snacks/water, a brand new band polo for all students, activities through the week, and uniform cleaning at the end of the season. Please pay on this page above. **Payment due in full by June 30, 2021. AFTER JUNE 30, $20 LATE FEE WILL BE APPLIED. ($105 total cost)

How do I pay for band camp?

*PayPal Link: There is a button on the website that will be used to pay for camp as well. **Payment due in full by June 30, 2021. AFTER JUNE 30, $20 LATE FEE WILL BE APPLIED. ($105 total cost)

Are scholarships available?

The Holt Band Boosters are happy to offer NEED-BASED scholarships. Email Mr. Emerson with a request – and he will forward it to the boosters. Mr. Emerson is not involved with the scholarship disbursement. Scholarship request deadline: June 9.

Why is Band Camp mandatory?

Band camp is about 55 hours of instruction. Missing band camp is like missing 55 days of school, and then coming in for a test. If a student misses band camp, they have no idea where to go on the field, and are most likely quite behind in their musical preparation. Without camp, marching is almost impossible.

What are precamp rehearsals?

Precamp rehearsals are important marching and playing rehearsals. We get things together as a band, and introduce the entire band together to get things started for camp

Where is band camp held?

Band camp is held at Holt HS. It’s a day camp, non-overnight. ****PLEASE NEVER SCHEDULE DR. APPOINTMENTS OR OTHER ITEMS DURING THIS WEEK. Missing band camp is missing very valuable, brand new instruction each year. Pretend your kids are out of town and avoid this week for appointments.

What is the schedule for band camp?

For 2021, there could be opportunity AFTER camp on certain days, if restrictions lift. Precamp Rehearsals: Tuesday and Wednesday, July 21 and 22, from 2-4 PM Sunday, July 25: 5 PM-9 PM. Monday, July 26: 8 AM-1 PM Tuesday July 27: 8 AM-1 PM Wednesday July 28: 8 AM-4:00 PM: STUDENTS BRING LUNCH TODAY. Thursday July 29: 8 AM-8:30 PM: STUDENTS BRING LUNCH TODAY Friday July 30: 8 AM-12:30 PM (Parent performance at noon sharp) *At the close of camp, there is a PARENT PERFORMANCE in the stadium at NOON, Sharp. At the end of the show, students are dismissed to leave with parents. For Quick information over the summer: Please check

Where can I sign up to help with uniforms?

Google Form Link for Uniform Help:

Where can I sign up to help with band camp?

Google Form Link for Band Camp Help:

Where can I sign up to help with anything?

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